Portal to the Lesser White-fronted Goose

- by the Fennoscandian Lesser White-fronted Goose project

Literature type: General

Journal: Fauna och Flora

Volume: 81 , Pages: 175-176.

Language: Swedish (In Swedish with English summary)

Full reference: von Essen, L. 1986. Projekt fjällgås. [Project Lesser White-fronted Goose.], Fauna och Flora: 81, 175-176.

Keywords: reintroduction, Sweden, Öster Malma, Boda, Eriksbergs viltpark, captive, origin

Literature type: General

Journal: The Avicultural magazine

Volume: Third seri , Pages: 129-130.

Language: English

Full reference: Quintin, W.H. 1919. Breeding of the Lesser White-fronted Goose. The Avicultural magazine: Third seri, 129-130.

Keywords: captive, breeding,

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