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Literature type: General

Journal: Bulletin of the goose, swan and duck study group of northern Eurasia (Casarca)

Volume: 16 , Pages: 59-51.

Language: Russian


Full reference: Garms, O. Ya. 2013. Data on migration of the Lesser White-fronted Goose (Anser erythropus at the Gilyovsloye reservior Northwestern Altai. Bulletin of the goose, swan and duck study group of northern Eurasia (Casarca): 16, 59-51.

Keywords: Altai, Russia, migration, hunting bag,


Waterfowl migration was observed at the Gilyovskoye water reservoir in Lifliandskiy nature refuge (zakaznik) on 4–29 April and from 25 September till 25 October 2012. The first lesser white-fronted geese (five individuals in the bean goose fl ock and three more in pintail fl ock) arrived on 5 April. Five more lesser white-fronted geese were observed on 13 April. In autumn, the first record of the species was made on 1 October (a fl ock of 25 birds). Small groups of white-fronted geese were noted in the flocks of bean geese from time to time up to 31 October. According to our estimate and opinion of the local hunters and game managers, 450 to 500 lesser white-fronted geese passed over the Gilyovskoye reservoir in the period between 1 October and 8 November 2012.

Literature type: Report

Language: English


Full reference: Farago, S. 1995. Geese in Hungary 1986-1991. Numbers, migration and hunting bags. , IWRB Publication 36.

Keywords: migration, status

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