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- by the Fennoscandian Lesser White-fronted Goose project

Literature type: Proceedings

Language: Finnish (In Finnish)


Full reference: WWF Finland 2014. WWF:n kiljuhanhityöryhmä 30 vuotta. Juhlaseminaari 1.11.2014. Ohjelma ja esitelmien tiivistelmät. [The Lesser White-fronted Goose conservation project of WWF Finland. 30th anniversary seminar, 1 November 2014. Programme and abstracts.] , WWF Finland. 20 pp.

Keywords: population development, conservation, Finland, anniversary

Literature type: General

Journal: Bulletin of the goose, swan and duck study group of northern Eurasia (Casarca)

Volume: 14 , Pages: 29-53.

Language: Russian (In English with Russian summary)


Full reference: Mooji, J. 2011. Goose populations in Europe: past, present and future. Bulletin of the goose, swan and duck study group of northern Eurasia (Casarca): 14, 29-53.

Keywords: Russian, hunting, population development

Literature type: Proceedings

Language: English

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Full reference: Syroechkovskiy Jr., E.E. 2006. Long-term declines in Arctic goose populations in eastern Asia. , Waterbirds around the world. Eds. G.C. Boere, C.A. Galbraith & D.A. Stroud. The Stationery Office, Edinburgh, UK. pp. 649-662.

Keywords: population development, distribution

Literature type: Thesis

Language: Finnish (In Finnish)

Full reference: Lampila, P. 2000. Kiljuhani (Anser erythropus): esiintyminen, kannan tila ja suojelu. , Thesis Pro Gradu, Biologian laitus, Oulun Yliopisto. 50pp.

Keywords: Fennoscandia, population modelling, mortality, production, matrix, development

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