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Literature type: Book

Language: English


Full reference: Alphéraky, S. 1905. The geese of Europe and Asia. , Rowland Ward, Ltd., London. (translation of Gusi Rossii published in Russia 1904).

Keywords: status, systematics, identification, Anser finnmarchicus, albifrons, temminckii, brevirostris, cineraceus, minutus, brevirostris, erythropus, Pallas, rhodrhynchus, Buturlin, Brehm, Gmelin, Boie, Naumann, Heckel

Literature type: Book

Language: Danish (In Danish)

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Full reference: Kjærbølling, N. 1852. Danmarks fugle. [Birds of Denmark.] , Forfatterens forlag, København. 434pp.

Keywords: nomenclature, systematics, Anser minutus, Naumann, temmincki, medius, cineraceus, Brehm

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