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Literature type: Scientific

Journal: Ornis Hungarica

Volume: 28 , Pages: 28–48.

DOI: 10.2478/orhu-2020-0003

Language: English (In English with Hungarian summary)


Full reference: Zuban, I., Vilkov, V., Kalashnikov, M., Zhadan, K. & Bisseneva, A. 2020. The results of spring monitoring on the status of geese populations in the North Kazakhstan Region during 2011-2018. Ornis Hungarica 28: 28–48. https://www.dx.doi.org/10.2478/orhu-2020-0003

Keywords: monitoring, Kazakhstan, Northern Kazakhstan, spring staging


The article presents the results of monitoring studies on the population dynamics of goose species at one of the largest stopover sites in Northern Kazakhstan during the springs of 2011–2018. Comparative analysis of the phenological phases at the beginning and end of migration over a 50 year period is conducted and changes in timing of migration for the studied groups are established. Data on the number of flocks at various stages of the migration process are presented. Authors revealed characteristics of the distribution of birds in the directions of migration through the region associated with the presence of various migration strategies. Based on the distribution and number of geese in the region for rest and feeding, key zones with characteristics of their natural and anthropogenic state were identified. It has been established that water bodies and large areas have optimal conditions for rest and replenishment of energy reserves for the birds.

Literature type: Report

Language: English


Full reference: Cuthbert, R. & Aarvak, T. 2017. Population estimates and survey methods for migratory goose species in Northern Kazakhstan. , AEWA Lesser White-fronted Goose International Working Group Report Series No. 5. Bonn, Germany. 96pp.

Keywords: population estimate, population size, survey, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kostanay, Kustanay, Akmola, North Kazakhstan,

Number of results: 2