Portal to the Lesser White-fronted Goose

- by the Fennoscandian Lesser White-fronted Goose project

Location: Hortobágy National Park, Elep-fishponds, Elep-fishponds, Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary

Observed: 10 LWFG.

Details: with 3300 GWfG, 140 Greylags, 3 Tundra Bean Goose, 97 RbG Attila Szilágyi (HNPD ranger)

Location: Insula Mare Brailei, Braila, Braila, Braila, Romania

Observed: 1 LWFG - 1 Ad.

Details: Dani Dragan/SOR

Location: Balta Alba Lake, Balta Alba, Balta Alba, Buzau, Romania

Observed: 1 LWFG - 1 Ad.

Details: Pal Lajos/www.rombird.ro

Location: Lake Kerkini, delta, delta, Central Macedonia, Greece

Observed: 69 LWFG - 3 juv.

Details: LKMA Kostas Papadopoulos

Location: Hortobágy National Park, Kungyörgy major, Kungyörgy major, Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary

Observed: 53 LWFG.

Details: With 800 GWfG. NO overlap with other groups observed this day (organized goose counting). Many families with juveniles and lone individuals as well János Tar (HNPD ranger)

LWFG image

LWfG at Kungyorgy-puszta (HNP HUN) János Tar (HNPD ranger)

Location: Hortobágy National Park, Balmazújváros, Nagy-szik, Nagy-szik, Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary

Observed: 8 LWFG - 1 2cy 2 juv.

Details: Family with 2 juveniles, three adults and one 2cy with small white forehead patch, With 11500 GWfG, 230 Greylags, and 53 RbG, 2 Barnacles, 1 Tundra Bean Goose Zoltán Ecsedi, Tamás Zalai

Location: Hortobágy National Park, Tiszavalk, Valki-medence, Valki-medence, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok, Hungary

Observed: 2 LWFG (West-Russian).

Details: With 9400 GWfG, 4400 Greylags one Tundra Bean Goose, 13 RbG (at least) Péter Balázsi, János Sándor Bodzás, Árpád Rimóczi

Location: Berettyóújfalu, Andaháza, Andaháza, Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary

Observed: 4 LWFG (West-Russian).

Details: With 17000 GWfG (during daytime 3700), 95 Greylags, 30 RbG Gábor Simay (HNPD ranger)

Location: Kenderes, Kenderes, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok, Hungary

Observed: 1 LWFG (West-Russian) - 1 2cy.

Details: with 2450 GWfG, 15 Greylags, at lake VII. Ádám Kiss (HNPD ranger)

Location: Hortobágy National Park, Karcag, Kecskeri reservoir, Kecskeri reservoir, Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary

Observed: 3 LWFG.

Details: with 4900 GWfG, 120 Greylags, 16 RbG and a Common Shelduck Ádám Kiss (HNPD ranger)

Number of results: 4935