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Rozenfeld, S.B., Kirtaev, G.V., Rogova,N.V. & Soloviev, M.Y. 2019. Results of an aerial survey of the western population of Anser erythropus (Anserini) in autumn migration in Russia 2017. Nature Conservation Research 4: doi: 10.24189/ncr.2019.003

Cuthbert, R.J., Aarvak, T., Boros, E., Eskelin, T., Fedorenko, V., Karvonen, R., Kovalenko, A., Lehikoinen, S., Petkov, N., Szilágy, A., Tar, J., Timonen, S., Timoshenko, A., Zhadan, K. & Zuban, I. 2018. Estimating the autumn staging abundance of migratory goose species in northern Kazakhstan. Wildfowl 68: 44-69

Bogyó, D., Ecsedi, Z., Tar, J., Zalai, T. 2014. A kis lilik (Anser erythropus) magyarországi fajmegörzési terve. 17: 1-92 [Hungarian National Action Plan for Lesser White-fronted Goose (Anser erythropus).]. (In Hungarian)

Zhao, Q, Wang, X., Cao, L. & Fox, A.D. 2018. Why Chinese wintering geese hesitate to exploit farmland. Ibis 160: 703-705 doi: 10.1111/ibi.12605

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